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This is a community dedicated to the AMAZING Fabio Cannavaro. The focus of our community is to bring you the latest Fabio photos shortly after they're taken!
But please post fanart and icons, they are more than welcome!!

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Date of birth: 13 September 1973
Height: 175 cm
Weight: 72 kg
Position: Defender
Current Club: Juventus (ITA)

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1. The focus of this community should be images, icons, graphics, wallpapers, manips, fan art, etc. Post Fabio related news, or links to downloads, or articles. You just must put an image (either a screen cap or a photo from the article) in the post.

2. You MUST use an LJ-cut or use thumbnails if an image is large. NO EXCEPTIONS.

3. Absolutely NO hotlinking. There are plenty of free image sites, upload your pictures to a site like imageshack.us and photobucket.com.

4. Play nice. Flaming and other fandom stupidity is not tolerated here. You'll be warned, then banned if you do it again.

5. Scans from tabloids, paparazzi photos, and things of that nature are welcome because we wanna know how down to earth he is.

6. Please, if you have an image account post HQ image of Fabio!

7. If you post icons or banners, PLEASE post a preview in the mainpage.
If you do a post without the preview, your post will be deleted.

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If you have a community dedicated to a player or football in general and would like to affiliate with us, please leave a messagge into this post!